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Heating Oil Theft

Unfortunately oil tanks are a common target for thieves and this remains a problem for over 1.5 million households across the UK.

Statistics released by the NFU in 2014 shown oil to be the third most commonly targeted item in rural areas.  The number of heating oil thefts will rise and fall in line with seasonal changes.  When the price of oil rises and the weather becomes colder, especially during the colder winter months, heating oil thieves will go to greater lengths to steal your heating oil.  The kerosene heating oil in you tank costs hundreds of pounds, so it’s well worth spending the time to consider the security of your tank and its contents.

Don’t make it easy for them.  Make a few simple changes to give you the extra piece of mind, after all, you wouldn’t leave your Sat Nav in your car, would you? 

Nothing will stop a determined thief from getting into your tank, however by using our 3 Step Plan, hopefully your oil tank will remain secure.


Step 1             -           Conceal your tank

The location of your heating oil tank can be an important factor in your oil tank being targeted by thieves.  Although your tank needs to be easily accessible for the delivery company, you should also consider concealing it from view.  Hiding it with shrubs or plants in pots is one method, Fencing is another, but be sure to adhere to the minimum distance set out in the Regulations.  Make sure your tank remain legal.  More details can be found at  Whilst making these changes always ensure the tank remains easily accessible for your delivery driver to deliver your heating oil.  Reducing the attention from the oil tank by making it less visible to opportunists.


Step 2             -           Secure your tank

There are many locks available made specifically for oil tanks.  Invest in a quality flat lock, it will make cutting the lock off the oil tank more difficult.  Consider installing security lights with sensors to deter thieves.  Lights are proven to deter thieves.  Alarming your oil tank and/or garden and CCTV are all deterrents that thieves won’t want to contend with, and all go that extra mile towards securing your heating oil tank.


Step 3             -           Insure your tank

Ensure your insurance policy covers you for loss of oil, (both spillages and theft).  Remember to follow any specific conditions as set out in your policy documents to ensure you are fully covered in the unfortunate event of a claim.


Remember to remain vigilant at all times.  If you spot anything suspicious report the incident to the Police.