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Help!......Iím new to oil, what should I do?

Moving into a new house is stressful enough and you’ve now discovered there’s a heating oil tank in the garden……GULP, deep breaths…..Don’t panic!  Leave it in our capable hands.  The Quote Me Oil team can solve it all at the click of a button.

With over 120 years of experience between the team, we can offer you our cheapest price available in your area, and arrange your delivery for when it suits you.

Before you place your order with us, it would be useful to know the capacity of the oil tank so you can order the correct amount of fuel.

If your tank is plastic the model number is usually embossed in the plastic or on a plaque.  E.g. if you see H2500 on your tank, this means your plastic tank is Horizontal with a capacity to hold 2500 litres.  For metal tanks you can calculate the capacity by taking the measurements and calculating the tank size.  For more help on this see our blog “How to measure your oil tank”.

Still not sure?  Don’t hesitate, contact us via email  We are always happy to help.

 To find our cheapest price, simply click on the “Get instant quote” button and enter your details.  At the click of a button you will see our oil prices.  With our secure user friendly heating oil website, ordering your heating oil online has never been easier.

Join the army of Quote Me Oil customers, as we continue to make your wallet smile by looking after the oil prices and passing on great savings £££££.