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QUOTE ME OIL Springing into Spring

Spring has been a busy start for   With heating oil prices slowly steadying and demand slowing down, more of our customers are continuing to top up their tanks and take advantage of our cheap heating oil prices.


After the cold busy winter we have just endured, spring is finally here.  Now is the perfect time of year to start your spring cleaning and you should remember to also give your Boiler, Cooker and heating oil tank a spring clean too after working tirelessly flat out to keep your home warm during the winter.   


Did you know that in the 14th Century Spring was called spring time?  Since the 16th century the season spring time was shortened to simply spring which is as we know it today.  The season was called “Spring Time” due to the plants springing from the gardens. 


The reason we have different seasons is because the earth moves around the sun which effects the seasons, the full cycle takes a year to complete.  The earth tilts away from the sun in the winter and tilts closer towards the sun in the summer.  


After the cold Winter months Spring arrives and springs into step, during the winter trees and plants are withered and bare and it’s during spring they spring back, we see trees replenishing their leaves and flowers starting to grow again, the days get longer, lighter and warmer, the warmer weather plays an important part in the growing of plants as the soil starts to warm up the plants grow, we also see animals usually born in spring, lambs, foals and calves.