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Are you doing your bit for 5th June- World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is the perfect opportunity to get together and work towards a greener and cleaner world for everybody.  

Our team at Quote Me Oil are committed to offering our customers the cheapest price possible EVERYTIME.

You can do your bit by making simple changes and upgrading your next heating oil order from regular Kerosene heating oil to Kero Xtra or, if you use kerosene to cook with, Cooker Xtra would be the product for you.  By changing over to either Kero Xtra or Cooker Xtra you will start to help the environment by reducing the CO2 emissions produced by your appliances.

How will it help the environment?

By using Kero Xtra or Cooker Xtra, your system will suffer from fewer deposits on your burner and heat transfer surfaces.  This reduces the emissions of black smoke, carbon and CO2.  Your system will generate more heat using less fuel, resulting in a direct saving of oil used and therefore leaving you with more money in your wallet, making your wallet smile.

What are the benefits?

  • KERO XTRA helps to maintain peak performance of your heating system and helps to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance, reduce the formation of sludge and lower carbon emissions.
  • COOKER XTRA will reduce deposit buildup and help to maintain peak performance of your heating system. Cooker Xtra helps to improve efficiency, reduce maintenance, reduce sludge formation, and lower carbon emissions.

Other simple changes can make a massive difference:

  • Why not arrange a community clean up
  • Use reusable bags
  • Reduce food waste -  this too will make your wallet smile J
  • Buy used products and resell or recycling items you no longer use.  You can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint from the “provision of goods.”
  • Don’t set your thermostat too high or too low, install a programmable unit to turn off the heating when you’re not at home

This list is only a start, making small simple changes we can all do a little and work towards a greener, cleaner world for future generations.