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Happy St George's Day!

Although it is not an official national holiday in England, Saint George’s Day is celebrated on 23rd April, it’s the feast day of Saint George and the national day for England. 

Saint George is England’s patron saint and has been since the 14th century, he died fighting for his beliefs in 303 AD. Back in the roman times, Saint George was a soldier whom defended the Christians against the Romans, Christians where being targeted, killed and tortured by the Romans because of their beliefs.  

Also known as the dragon slayer, it is one of the best known stories about Saint George and his fight with a dragon.  It is not known if the myth is true but Saint George in known throughout the world as the dragon slaying patron Saint of England

On Saint George’s Day it is tradition to wear a red rose in your button hole.  The Red rose is the national flower in England and the Saint George’s Cross Flag is flown across England by those who celebrate it. 

Saint George’s day is the first day of camping for Scout clubs around Britain and to celebrate guides and scouts parade through high streets in England on the Sunday closest to St George’s Day. Then they go to their local church for a service to celebrate.  The hymn “Jerusalem” is sang in Churches, Chapels and Cathedrals.