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Keeping Your Home Warm On A Budget

Here at Quote Me Oil we have come up with some cost cutting tips to keep you and your home warm whilst also “Making your Wallet Smile”.

Our main aim is to help reduce your heating oil and kerosene costs driving down your energy cost.


Sounds silly but wrap up.  Put on a jumper, a fluffy bath robe, extra thick socks and remember those novelty slippers your lovely Aunt bought for you last Christmas.  Finally accessorize with a hat!  Raid your wardrobe for warm items and have a competition with the family…. see who can look the silliest but be the warmest.  Fun for the family whilst saving you money.  Use blankets to snuggle up on the sofa.  Hot water bottles and heat pads help raise your body temperature and you will feel warmer.



Vacuum, dance, exercise, chase the children, chase the wife, walk the dog, any activity will help to raise your body heat.  Involve thefamily, amad half hour blast will warm you all up and even give you something to giggle about.



As we all know a lovely cuppa tea solves everything.  Hot food, soups and drinks will all help to keep you warm.



Build a den inside the house with the children……. Use Blankets, Duvets, Beanbags, Cushions, Coats, whatever you like, and then all climb in and snuggle up.  Read stories, play games and save money.  Not only are you all warming up by sharing body heat, you can close off some rooms in the house.  Turning off lights etc., can save you money.





Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to making the most of your heating

Always bleed your radiators regularly so you feel the full benefit.  By removing the excess air in your radiators, your home will be more efficient and lower your heating costs.  Never block radiators with Sofas, Bookcases or other large items as they will absorb some of the heat.  Drying damp clothing on radiators dries them quickly, but the more efficient way would be to use a clothes horse and stop the warmth from your radiators from being blocked.






Little things we all do every day can also help ensure that you get more for your money by making simple changes.


It’s bath time.  Close your windows, leave the bathroom door open and the warm air will flow through to the rest of the house.  Remember to ventilate the room to reduce the risks of damp.  




Whenever you use your cooker leave the kitchen door open.  When you’ve finished cooking your meal, leave the oven door open this will heat the room until the oven cools.  This isn’t a good idea if you have elderly people, young children or pets around who may risk burning themselves.





Take a look at our other tips to make your heat work harder and make your money go further.

Insulate your home.  There are many government grants available for homes that satisfy certain criteria.  If however you can’t afford to have your home professionally insulated, there are loads of cheaper options available.  Decorate your tiled and wooden floors with mats or rugs, this tip will keep your feet warm and can also help retain heat.  Hang curtains and blinds to make the room warm and cozy.  Fit draught excluders to doors and windows, even make your own door draught excluder from the arm of an old jumper and stuff with filling from an old pillow or cushion.  Any areas that the cold air seeps through, stop it. This will all help towards keeping your homewarmer for longer.



Close off any rooms you’re not using and save money by only heating a smaller area, e.g. heat 1 or 2 rooms as opposed to the whole house.



Turn the thermostat down by a couple of degrees on your heating and hot water…… you probably won’t even notice the difference, until your wallet smiles.