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Top tips for heating oil in the summer

Top tips for heating oil in the summer

The weather is glorious and the sun is shining, we are all having as much fun outdoors as possible, the paddling pools are full and the games are out in the garden.


Heating oil is surely the last thing on your list to be thinking about ..........Read on for some tips on why you should be thinking about your heating oil:


Have you got any room for a summer top up?  The summer is a good time to check your heating oil tank levels, don’t fill your oil tank completely during the hot summer months as fuel needs room to expand.


Prices are often lower during the summer months so you should consider your future oil requirements and buy as much as possible when prices are lower to make yourself a saving.


Buying together in larger quantities can make deliveries more efficient and lower the price you pay, quote me oil offers various options for deliveries and lists the difference in prices showing the saving you can make.


Paying for an oil delivery can be a costly affair, budget for your oil starting in the summer to build up a credit towards your winter fuel bill.  Contact us for further information.


Check your oil is secure against theft, locks, and alarms. Security lighting and CCTV are all affordable measure to take during the summer whilst the days are longer and the weather is warmer.  See our blog for more information.


Inspect your tank in the summer whilst relaxing in the garden to ensure there’s no repair work required.