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Kero Xtra

Kero Xtra is used for home heating boilers. 

Upgrade your home heating fuel order to our Kero Xtra today and see what benefits you can achieve. 

Upgrading your regular Kerosene to Kero Xtra will help to maintain peak performance of your heating system and reduce oil consumption.

Many of Quote Me Oil’s customers are changing over to Kero Xtra because of the benefits it offers.  

Kero Xtra keeps fuel fresher for longer and improves efficiency, so your fuel will burn for longer.  It helps reduce maintenance and servicing problems and dramatically lowers the natural sludge build up in your oil tank.  It has lower carbon emissions and will reduce your carbon footprint.  Long term, Kero Xtra will give you more value for money. 

To check out our cheap heating oil prices, click for an instant quote.  Simply fill in your requirements and we will find you our cheapest Kero Xtra price available. 

Buying your Kero Xtra from Quote Me Oil saves you money and makes your wallet smile!

COSHH - View the Health & Safety Advice for Kero Xtra (Pdf)