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Quote Me Oil supply Kerosene is Class C2.  It exceeds the requirements of the relevant British Standard Specification BS 2869 for Class C2.

Its many names include: heating oil, burning oil, 28 second, heating oil, standard kero, kerosene boilerjuice, RBO, regular burning oil, Aga fuel, Raeburn oil and paraffin. 

It can be used to fuel your boiler and heat your home, as well as powering aircraft.  It’s used for all appliances with vaporising burners such as cookers eg: Aga and Raeburn and most domestic appliances using pressure jet burners such as boilers, and swimming pools. 

Kerosene is clear and generally yellowish in colour. 

It’s clean burning characteristics and low sulphur content helps to maintain a high heat output, proving to be economical and offering the user great value for money. 

Kerosene is the most commonly used home heating oil throughout the UK.

We can deliver any quantity above 500 litres. 

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COSHH - View the Health & Safety Advice for Kerosene 

Technical Data Sheet for Kerosene (Pdf)